Inscriptions of Aphrodisias



Inscriptions of Aphrodisias

This is the first edition of the online corpus of the inscriptions of Aphrodisias recorded up to 1994. The editions, translations and commentary are by Joyce Reynolds, Charlotte Rouechand Gabriel Bodard.

Inscriptions are marked-up using the EpiDoc electronic editorial conventions developed by Tom Elliott and others. The website and the supporting materials were developed by the Centre for Computing in the Humanities, King’s College London.

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Joyce Reynolds, Charlotte Rouech Gabriel Bodard, Inscriptions of Aphrodisias (2007), available <http://insaph.kcl.ac.uk/iaph2007>, ISBN 978-1-897747-19-3.





Various reference materials have been made available to support the IAph2007 publication.

History and Bibliography of the Inscriptions, a chronological essay that exists independent from this corpus.


Notebooks, a description of earlier visitors’ notebooks, including digital facsimiles and catalogue of the Deering notebook.


Plan of Aphrodisias, showing the major monuments and the sectors of the city, walls, and necropolis that have been used in this publication.


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Slightly more than 1 500 inscriptionsabout one-third previously unpublishedare presented in this edition of the Inscriptions of Aphrodisias. The texts are numbered by location, with each major monument or zone of the site given a chapter heading (between 1 and 15); the primary table of contents lists the files in this order.


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Inscription Table of Contents



There are several tables of contents to the inscriptions in this collection.

While we have chosen a fundamental structure and numbering based on the location of the inscriptions, our choice does not have to be imposed on the user, who may find one of these alternative routes more useful.

Locations (the default table of contents)
Text categories
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All inscriptions are numbered by location. Items whose original location is known appear first under that location, with their own series of numbers starting at 1; they are followed by a second series of items for which that location is the findspot, but not necessarily the original location.

1. Temple / Church Area
Temple / Church
North Temenos Building
2. Bouleuterion / Odeon Area
Bouleuterion / Odeon
Bouleuterion / Odeon, North Area
Bouleuterion / Odeon, West Area and “Bishop’s Palace”
Bouleuterion / Odeon, East Area
3. North Agora
4. South Agora
South Agora
South Agora, Agora Gate
5. Hadrianic Baths Area
Hadrianic Baths
Hadrianic Baths, East Court
6. Basilica
7. Martyrion
8. Theatre Area
Theatre Baths
9. Sebasteion
10. Stadium
11. City (within walls)
City, Village
City, North-east
City, Water Channel Area
City, South-east
City, South-west
City, North-west
City, Unknown
12. Walls
Walls, North
Walls, North-east
Walls, East (north part)
Walls, East (south part)
Walls, South-east Gate
Walls, South-east
Walls, South (east part)
Walls, South (west part)
Walls, South-west
Walls, West
Walls, West Gate
Walls, North-west
Walls, Unknown
13. Necropolis
Necropolis, North
Necropolis, North-east
Necropolis, North-east, Ata Eymir
Necropolis, South-east
Necropolis, South
Necropolis, South-west
Necropolis, West
Necropolis, Unknown
14. Neighbouring settlements
15. Stray
Old Museum

All texts by location





All texts by location

All inscriptions are numbered by location. Items whose original location is known appear first under that location, with their own series of numbers starting at 1; they are followed by a second series of items for which that location is the findspot, but not necessarily the original location.

1. Temple / Church Area
Temple / Church

1.1. Boundary marker, set up by C. Julius Zoilos
1.2. Building dedication for Aphrodite by C. Julius Zoilos
1.3. Prayer of the builders
1.4. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
1.5. Column dedication by Eumachos and Ammias
1.6. Column dedication by Eumachos and Amias
1.7. Column dedication by Attalos and Attalis
1.8. Column dedication by Attalos and Attalis
1.9. Column dedication in Temple
1.10. Names with gameboard s
1.11. Place inscription of Loukas, philoponus
1.12. Prayer of Theodoretos and Kyriakos
1.13. Prayer of donors, including Theodoretos and Kyriakos
1.14. Prayer of Anastasios, donor
1.15. Prayer of Anastasios, donor
1.16. Prayer of donor
1.17. Fragment of donor’s prayer
1.18. Anatolios, donor
1.19. Prayer of Asterios
1.20. Prayer of Theodoros
1.21. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (south)
1.22. Prayers on West Door of Temple-Church (north)
1.23. Prayer of/to Michael
1.24. Name: Stephanos, subdeacon ( prayer/invocation )
1.25. Names: Stephanos and Leon (prayer/invocation)
1.26. Name, Philippos (prayer/invocation)
1.27. Name
1.28. Michael: name or invocation
1.29. Prayer of Leon
1.30. Name: Onesimos ( prayer/invocation )
1.31. Invocation
1.32. Names
1.33. Graffiti: names and prayers
1.34. Graffiti: names and prayers
1.35. Place inscription of Tryphon, chief decanus
1.36. Prayer on column: Temple-Church
1.37. Fragments from a poem decorating a feature in the Temple-Church
1.38. Boundary marker, set up by C. Julius Zoilos

1.101. Fragment, perhaps from Temple
1.102. Building dedication to the Divine Augustus by Eusebes son of Menandros
1.103. Panel fragment, from Temple
1.104. Fragments of panel
1.105. Fragment from Temple
1.106. Fragment, 1st A.D./1st B.C., from Temple
1.107. Fragmentary honours
1.108. Fragmentary honours
1.109. Dedication to Aphrodite by Artemidoros
1.110. Fragment, first century A.D., from Temple
1.111. Fragment of a panel from Temple
1.112. Fragment of honours, from Temple
1.113. Revetment fragment, from Temple
1.114. Fragment from Temple
1.115. Fragment of inscribed slab in Temple
1.116. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.117. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.118. Honours for anonymous, overseen by Marcus Aurelius Zenas
1.119. Fragment of honours from Temple
1.120. Funerary fragment from Temple
1.121. Fragment, undated, from Temple
1.122. Fragment from Temple area
1.123. Funerary inscription for Attalos son of Adrastos
1.124. Honours for Molossos
1.125. Fragmentary honours
1.126. Fragmentary honours
1.127. Fragment
1.128. Honours for son of Hypsikles son of Hypsikles
1.129. Fragment from Temple
1.130. Funerary panel for Threptos and Ariston
1.131. i. Fragmentary text; ii. Verse honours for Helladios
1.132. Panel fragment, second century A.D., from Temple
1.133. Panel fragment, , second century A.D., from Temple
1.134. Panel fragment, second/third century, from Temple
1.135. Funerary text for Ammia
1.136. Panel fragments from temple
1.137. Fragment from temple
1.138. Fragment from Temple
1.139. Fragment from temple
1.140. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
1.141. Panel fragment, from Temple
1.142. Panel fragment, from Temple
1.143. Fragment in Temple, second to third century A.D.
1.144. Dedication to Aphrodite, from Temple
1.145. Funerary inscription for Tatiane
1.146. Funerary fragment from Temple
1.147. Fragment from Temple
1.148. Fragmentary honours in Temple
1.149. Fragment, second/third century, from Temple
1.150. Funerary fragment of sarcophagus from Temple
1.151. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.152. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.153. Fragmentary honours from Temple
1.154. Panel fragment from Temple
1.155. Fragment, undated, from Temple
1.156. Fragment, second to third century, from Temple
1.157. Honours for anonymous, erected by Dio[doros]
1.158. Honours for anonymous
1.159. Honours for daughter of Hephaistion
1.160. Posthumous honours for Dionysios, and a foundation
1.161. ?onours for anonymous, who has established a foundation
1.162. Fragment of dedication
1.163. Fragment of funerary panel
1.164. Funerary inscription for Aurelius
1.165. Funerary fragment
1.166. Funerary fragment from Temple
1.167. Fragment from a consolatory text
1.168. Honours for Hieratikos
1.169. Fragment of honours
1.170. Fragmentary honours
1.171. Honours for Lucius Antonius Karpion Aurelianos, who has established a foundation
1.172. Honours for anonymous
1.173. Fragment of honours for anonymous
1.174. Building dedication for Hadrian
1.175. Funerary text
1.176. Honours for anonymous
1.177. Honours for Zenon son of Zenon, wrestler
1.178. Conclusion of funerary text, third century A.D.
1.179. Honours for Marcus Aurelius Zenas
1.180. Fragments, third century, from Temple
1.181. Fragment, third century, from Temple
1.182. Honours for Meliton, kitharist
1.183. Honours for Aurelia Kelesteina
1.184. Funerary for Chrysaphios the chief-doctor
1.185. Fragment
1.186. Honours for Aurelia Apphia daughter of Epiktetos
1.187. Honours for […] daughter of …]lianos
1.188. Funerary formula from sarcophagus fragment
1.189. Honours for Licinius Valerianus
1.190. Epitaph of Asklepiodotos
1.191. Epitaph of Mag
1.192. Church donor’s inscription
1.193. Warning against approaching the bema (verse); invocations
1.194. Graffiti: prayer/invocation
1.195. Fragment of funerary verse
1.196. Verse honours for Ioannes, leader of the Council

North Temenos Building

1.201. Verse honours for a governor
1.202. Eustochios, responsible for building work

1.301. i. Letter from a Roman official (a curator) to Aphrodisias. ii Place inscription of Kyriakos, trouser-maker
1.302. Eustochios, responsible for building work


1.401. Graffito figure
1.402. Place inscription of Heptamenios et al.
1.403. Acclamation of the Greens
1.404. Monogram acclamation of the Greens
1.405. Prayer

1.501. Panel fragment
1.502. Fragment, undated
1.503. Heading to decree
1.504. i: Elements of a funerary formula; ii: Epitaph of Biktorinos, praefectus vehiculorum
1.505. Fl. Epiphanios Hermias and others make a benefaction
1.506. Place inscription of mydrostasia
1.507. Building inscription

2. Bouleuterion / Odeon Area
Bouleuterion / Odeon

2.1. Text with names
2.2. Invocation of Ourania
2.3. Graffiti: insults and acclamations
2.4. Graffiti on plaster
2.5. Graffiti on plaster
2.6. Seat inscriptions, Odeon block B
2.7. Seat inscriptions, Odeon block C
2.8. Seat inscriptions, Odeon block E
2.9. Seat inscriptions, loose Odeon seats
2.10. Graffiti on plaster
2.11. Graffiti on plaster
2.12. Graffito images
2.13. a: Honours for Claudia Antonia Tatiane; b. Sculptor’s signature, of Alexandros
2.14. Numbering for steps, Odeon
2.15. Fragment
2.16. Honours for Attalos and Diogenes, brothers
2.17. Honours for L. Ant. Cl. Dometeinos Diogenes
2.18. Seat inscriptions, Odeon block D
2.19. Ampelios, father of the city, restores the ‘palaestra’
2.20. Epigram for Pytheas

2.101. Honours by People for Council
2.102. Mason’s mark
2.103. Sarcophagus fragment with mason’s mark
2.104. Fragment from Bouleuterion/Odeon
2.105. Fragment
2.106. Monumental revetment fragment
2.107. Funerary fragment from Odeon
2.108. Fragmentary honours from Bouleuterion/Odeon
2.109. Statue dedication of Aphrodite
2.110. i. Honours for Septimus Severus; ii. Building inscription of Antonius Priskos
2.111. Honours by Council for People
2.112. Fragment of building inscription
2.113. Statue dedication by Flavius Andronikos

Bouleuterion / Odeon, North Area

2.301. Fragment, possibly dedication
2.302. Fragment, Augustan date, from Odeon area
2.303. Building inscription by []nius Lysias
2.304. Fragment of honours
2.305. Sarcophagus fragment
2.306. Fragment from North Bouleuterion
2.307. Letter from a Roman official to Aphrodisias
2.308. Funerary for Publius Aelius Klaudius Smaragdos Julianos and his father
2.309. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
2.310. Honours for M. Au[relius – ]
2.311. Fragmentary honours from the Gerousia
2.312. Funerary inscription for Zotikos
2.313. Storage jar of Polychronios: measurement
2.314. Table/dish fragment
2.315. Funerary verse for Arkimos

Bouleuterion / Odeon, West Area and “Bishop’s Palace”

2.401. Gameboard and pavement designs, Bishop’s Palace
2.402. Graffiti: Prayers and names

2.501. Fragment, undated, from Odeon area
2.502. Fragment of mason’s mark
2.503. Decree of the koinon of Asia
2.504. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
2.505. Fragment, of honours
2.506. Decree of honours by Plyareis for Agroitas Kallikratous
2.507. Column dedication for the neoi
2.508. Funerary honours for Kastor son of Menekrates
2.509. Panel fragment
2.510. Fragment of seat from West Bouleuterion
2.511. Fragment of monumental revetment
2.512. Revetment fragment
2.513. Revetment fragment
2.514. Revetment fragment
2.515. Fragment
2.516. Dedication to Theos Hypsistos
2.517. Fragment from SW Bouleuterion
2.518. Fragment from Bishop’s palace
2.519. Revetment fragment
2.520. Fragment from Bishop’s palace
2.521. Funerary fragment from Bishop’s Palace
2.522. Building dedication to divinity/emperor
2.523. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
2.524. Fragment of a Latin text (Regulation)
2.525. Fragments of a consolatory decree
2.526. Funerary verse
2.527. Flavius Septimius a benefactor
2.528. Epitaph of Rufinianos
2.529. Table fragment
2.530. Table/dish fragment
2.531. Table/dish fragment: Dedication
2.532. Building inscription of bishop Euphemius

Bouleuterion / Odeon, East Area

2.701. Building dedication for Aphrodite
2.702. Sculptor’s signature of Apollonios Aster
2.703. Sculptor’s signature
2.704. Fragment, loose near Bouleuterion
2.705. Fragment of honours for Marcus Aurelius

3. North Agora

3.1. Fragment
3.2. Building inscription by priest of Libertas
3.3. Building dedication to a god
3.4. i. Dedication to Patris by Zenon son of Euthymos and others; ii. The Phrygian Metropolis honours Alexandros, in verse
3.5. Place inscription of Philippos
3.6. Fl. Pelagius Ioannes gives a column
3.7. Menandros, curialis, gives a column
3.8. i. Verse honours for Oikoumenios; ii. Invocation

3.101. Honours for Marcus and Publius Vinicius
3.102. Building inscription

4. South Agora
South Agora

4.1. Column dedications by Claudia Antonia
4.2. Graffito illustrating munera
4.3. Building dedication to an emperor
4.4. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
4.5. Gameboard
4.6. Pavement designs and place inscriptions, South Agora pool
4.7. i: Place inscription of Eugraphios phylarchos; ii: Place inscription of Zotikos
4.8. Place inscription of Kes
4.9. Place inscription of Zotikos, peddlar
4.10. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Arcadius
4.11. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Valentinian II
4.12. Acclamation of the sellophoroi
4.13. Acclamations of the Greens, the City and the Blues
4.14. Place inscription of Mos
4.15. Place inscription of Kallinikos
4.16. Place inscription of Theoktistos
4.17. Place inscription of Theoktistos
4.18. Place inscription of Ioannes
4.19. Philippos, admirandissimus, pays for work in the South Agora
4.20. Verse honours for Albinos
4.21. 1. Acclamations for Albinos, clarissimus; 2. Acclamation for the city

4.101. Honours for an anonymous benefactor, ?Solon son of Demetrios
4.102. Fragment from South Agora
4.103. Fragment from the South Agora
4.104. Gladiator memorial for familia of Tiberius Claudius Pauleinos
4.105. Fragment from South Agora
4.106. Panel fragment
4.107. Panel fragment
4.108. Fragment, from caryatid dedication.
4.109. Dedication to Aphrodite
4.110. Honours; fragmentary
4.111. Fragment
4.112. Funerary fragment
4.113. Votive to Asklepios
4.114. Sundial dedication
4.115. Funerary fragment
4.116. Funerary fragment
4.117. Fragment from Agora
4.118. Honours for Julia Faustina by her husband
4.119. Fragmentary ?honours
4.120. Building inscription of Helladios

South Agora, Agora Gate

4.201. Honours for Antoninus Pius
4.202. Verse honours: i. for Ampelios, father of the city; ii. and iii. for Doulkitios, governor, on the Agora Gate

4.301. Honours for anonymous
4.302. Sculptor’s signature: Menodotos
4.303. Sculptor’s signature of Apellas
4.304. Latin funerary inscription
4.305. Funerary inscription for Polykrates
4.306. Donor’s inscription of Kapitoleinos
4.307. Fragmentary title for Amazonomachy sculpture
4.308. Dedication and restoration of statues after an earthquake, authorised by Trajan, undertaken by Kallikrates Grypos.
4.309. Honours for T. Oppius Aelianus Asklepiodotos
4.310. i. Verse honours for Anthemios; ii. Invocation
4.311. Honours for an Emperor, Justinian
4.312. Epitaph of Nikolaos

5. Hadrianic Baths Area
Hadrianic Baths

5.1. Pavement designs and an acclamation
5.2. Column dedication to Demos by Artemon son of Adrastos
5.3. Column dedication to Demos
5.4. Warning against theft
5.5. Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors
5.6. Building dedication of the Eusebian Bath to the Emperors and Aphrodite
5.9. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian
5.10. i. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillius Andronikos; ii. Fl. Photios gives a gameboard
5.11. Place inscription of Epiktetos, cloakroom-attendant
5.12. i. Fragment of verse. ii. Place inscription of Synodios
5.13. -getos, exceptor, gives a gameboard
5.14. Fl. Photios gives a gameboard
5.15. Flavius Photios gives a gameboard
5.16. First honours for Rhodopaios, in verse
5.17. Second honours for Rhodopaios
5.18. Eugenios is honoured by the boule
5.19. Ioannes undertakes restoration works in the Hadrianic Baths
5.21. Flavius undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths
5.22. Flavius E undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths
5.23. Restoration work in the Hadrianic Baths
5.24. Acclamations for imperial family, and a New Theodosius

5.101. Honours for Gaius Julius Zoilos
5.102. Warning against theft from the Baths
5.103. Revetment fragment
5.104. Fragment from Hadrianic Baths
5.105. Revetment fragment
5.106. Revetment fragment
5.107. Monumental revetment fragment
5.108. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
5.109. Dedication of image of the Hours by Zenon and Apphia
5.110. Fragment, stray
5.111. Fragment from Hadrianic Baths
5.112. Votive offering to Asklepios by Amias
5.113. Fragment from Hadrianic Baths
5.114. Fragment from Hadrianic Baths
5.115. Fragment from Hadrianic Baths
5.116. Honours for Marcus
5.117. Votive offering to Asklepios
5.118. Building inscription of Helladios
5.119. Dedication by Flavius Palladios
5.120. Verse honours for Eupeithios
5.121. Verse honours for Menandros, vicar
5.122. Donor prayer from a church

Hadrianic Baths, East Court

5.7. Dedication of a caryatid by Attalis
5.8. Dedication of a caryatid by Gaia Tatia Chresteina
5.201. Column dedication to Patris by Attalos Andron son of Peritas
5.202. Column dedication to Demos
5.203. Fragment, from caryatid dedication
5.204. i. Honours for Pyrron son of Itharos; ii. Verse honours for Hermias, benefactor
5.205. Column dedication to Demos
5.206. Column dedication to Demos by Menippos Kodios and Papianos Kodios
5.207. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian by Pereitas Attalos
5.208. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Hadrian by Pereitas Attalos
5.209. Dedication of a caryatid by Claudia Seleukeia
5.210. Dedication of a caryatid by Julia Paula, with sculptor’s signature
5.211. Dedication of a caryatid by Claudia Apphia Chaeremonis.
5.212. Dedication of a caryatid by Flavia Attalis Aeliane.
5.213. Dedication of a caryatid by a Daughter of the City
5.214. Honours for Aurelius Achilles
5.215. Honours for a comes
5.216. Honours for Aelia Flaccilla
5.217. Fl. Eutolmius Tatianos honours Honorius
5.218. Tatianos, governor, restores the statue of Tatianos, PPO; verse
5.219. Dionysios, doctor, undertakes building works in the Hadrianic Baths

5.301. Statue dedication by Flavius Zenon
5.302. Dedication (post mortem) by Flavius Zenon
5.303. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse

6. Basilica

6.1. Titles for relief sculptures
6.2. Building dedication for Titus
6.3. Basilica, gameboard
6.4. Building inscription by Fl. Constantius, governor
6.5. Verse honours for Ioannes, governor of Caria

6.101. Fragment
6.102. Funerary fragment from Basilica
6.103. Honours for P. Aelius Septimius Mannus, governor

7. Martyrion

7.1. Mason’s mark
7.2. Dedicatory poem

7.3. ?Fragment mentioning a M. Aur(elius) ?
7.4. Funerary inscription for Elpides
7.5. Fragment
7.6. Fragment of stele
7.7. Funerary fragment
7.8. Posthumous honours for Lykidas Zenon
7.9. Fragment
7.10. Fragment with alphabet
7.11. Fragment
7.12. Fragment of stele
7.13. Funerary fragment
7.14. Honours for anonymous
7.15. Funerary for Marcus Aurelius Antiochus son of Eisagoras
7.16. Monogram capitals from the Triconch Church

8. Theatre Area

8.1. i. Building dedication to Aphrodite and Demos; ii. Invocation to Ourania; iii. Acclamation for the City
8.2. Letter of Quintus Oppius
8.3. Decree of Plarasa/Aphrodisias
8.4. Statue dedication for Demos by Kotas
8.5. Building dedication by C. Julius Zoilos
8.6. Acclamation for Ourania
8.7. Acclamation for Ourania
8.8. Place inscription of Philistion
8.9. Place inscription of Pardalas, mimologos
8.10. Graffiti on Theatre stage building
8.11. Graffiti of a pyrrhic dancer
8.12. Graffiti on Theatre stage
8.13. Graffiti in doorway
8.14. Building inscription of Molosseon
8.15. Place inscription of archeologoi
8.16. Place inscription of Autolykos
8.17. Place inscription of Kapuras and Philologos
8.18. Place inscription of Neikanor
8.19. Place inscription of Bassos; invocation
8.20. Place inscriptions of Ioulianos and Bassos
8.21. Place inscription of Demetrios, homerist
8.22. Place inscription of a biologos
8.23. Honours for T. Claudius Diogenes
8.24. Letter of Nikomedes IV
8.25. Letter of Octavian to Plarasa/Aphrodisias
8.26. Triumviral decree
8.27. Senatus consultum de Aphrodisiensibus
8.28. Extracts from senatus consultum, with awards to Plarasa/Aphrodisias
8.29. Letter of Octavian to Stephanos
8.30. Letter of Stephanos to Plarasa/Aphrodisias
8.31. Letter of Octavian to Ephesus
8.32. Subscript of Octavian (?)/Augustus to Samos
8.33. Letter: subscript of Trajan to Smyrna
8.34. Letter of Hadrian to Aphrodisias
8.35. Letter of Commodus to Aphrodisias
8.36. Letter of Severus and Caracalla to Aphrodisias
8.37. Letter of Severus and Caracalla to Aphrodisias
8.38. Honours for Hosidius Ioulianos
8.39. Honours for Hosidius Ioulianos
8.40. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.41. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.42. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.43. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.44. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.45. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.46. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.47. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.48. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.49. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.50. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.51. Unassigned fragment of Archive Wall
8.52. Statue dedication of a statue of Demos by Nikomachos and Menodotos.
8.53. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block A
8.54. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block B
8.55. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block C
8.56. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block D
8.57. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block E
8.58. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block F
8.59. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block G
8.60. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block H
8.61. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block J
8.62. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block K
8.63. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Blocks K/L
8.64. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, Block L
8.65. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.66. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.67. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.68. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.69. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.70. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.71. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.72. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.73. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.74. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.75. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.76. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.77. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.78. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.79. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.80. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.81. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block
8.82. Building dedication to Nemesis
8.83. Honours for Tib. Cl. Apollonios Markianos
8.84. Honours for Claudius Zelos
8.85. i: Building dedication to Aphrodite and emperors by T.Cl. Zelos. ii: Verse honours for Androkles, a benefactor
8.86. Restoration of statues by Grypos
8.87. Honours for Kandidianos, circuit-victor
8.88. i. Honours for Piseas, circuit-victor. ii. Sculptor’s signature: Polyneikes
8.89. List of muses
8.90. Graffiti
8.91. Graffiti image
8.92. Graffiti
8.93. Graffiti
8.94. Graffiti
8.95. Graffiti
8.96. Graffiti
8.97. Lists of Muses
8.98. List of Muses
8.99. Letter of Severus Alexander to Aphrodisias
8.100. Letter of Gordian III to Epaphras
8.101. Letter from Gordian III (fragment)
8.102. Letter of Gordian III to Aphrodisias
8.103. Letter of Gordian III to Aphrodisias
8.104. Acclamation for the Greens and their mimes
8.105. Acclamation for the Greens
8.106. Acclamation of city Tyche and the Greens
8.107. Seat inscriptions: Theatre, loose block: acclamation for the Greens
8.108. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
8.109. Fragmentary acclamations
8.110. Invocation
8.111. Building inscription by Aristokles [Molossos] son of Ar[temidoros]
8.112. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
8.113. Building dedication by Aristokles Molossos
8.114. Letter of Traianus Decius and Herennius Etruscus to Aphrodisias
8.115. Building dedication by M. Aurelius Menestheus Skopas

8.201. Panel fragment from Theatre
8.202. Sculptor’s signature of Menippos
8.203. Honours for Gaius Julius Zoilos
8.204. Fragment from Theatre
8.205. Revetment fragment
8.206. Panel fragment
8.207. Votive offering to Zeus
8.208. Dedication of a relief
8.209. Votive offering to Kore Plyarei by Diogenes and Tatias
8.210. Oath of Plarasa/Aphrodisias, Kibyra, and Tabae
8.211. Statue dedication of Hygeia to emperors
8.212. Dedication by Gaius Volousios, mime actor
8.213. Fragment
8.214. Sundial fragment
8.215. Fragment from Theatre
8.216. Frieze fragment
8.217. Fragment of honours
8.218. Revetment fragment
8.219. Fragment from Theatre
8.220. Sculptor’s signature
8.221. Fragment from Theatre
8.222. Monumental fragments
8.223. Fragment from Theatre
8.224. Revetment fragment
8.225. Fragment from theatre
8.226. Fragment from Theatre
8.227. Dedication on behalf of Marsyas
8.228. Statue dedication of Aphrodite
8.229. Funerary formula
8.230. Funerary fragment
8.231. Fragmentary honours for an emperor
8.232. Fragmentary honours
8.233. Building dedication for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
8.234. Cornice fragment
8.235. Honours for Lucius Antonius Ze
8.236. Honours for Domitian
8.237. Fragment from Theatre
8.238. Fragment from Theatre
8.239. Sculptor’s signature
8.240. Fragment from Theatre
8.241. Fragment from Theatre
8.242. Fragment from Theatre
8.243. ?Honours
8.244. Building inscription, undated, from Theatre
8.245. Building inscription with imperial reference
8.246. Funerary fragment
8.247. Funerary
8.248. Funerary fragment from Theatre
8.249. Fragment of funerary panel from Theatre
8.250. Funerary fragment from Theatre
8.251. Funerary fragment from Theatre
8.252. Honours
8.253. Honours
8.254. Honours
8.255. Place inscription for Aelius Benouseinos
8.256. Panel dedication with imperial reference
8.257. Dedication
8.258. Funerary inscription of Aurelius Zenon
8.260. Funerary verse, fragmentary
8.261. Honours for an amicus principum
8.262. Dedication (building inscription), to a saint
8.263. Epitaph of Athanasios
8.264. Epitaph of Polychronios
8.265. Reserved benches for associations
8.266. Fragment of building inscription.
8.267. Graffiti representing menoroth
8.268. Fragmentary acclamations
8.269. Invocation
8.270. Funerary verse for Jordanes
8.271. Table/dish fragment with numerals
8.272. Acclamations of Mardaetus and of the Pytheanitae (gameboard)
8.273. The city honours Bitianos, governor
8.274. Orthagoras, bishop, undertakes building work
8.275. Epitaph of Theodokios
8.276. Dedicatory poem, church of SS. Barbara and Anastasia


8.401. Tetrastoon: pavement designs
8.402. Place inscription of people of Hierapolis
8.403. Place inscription of people of Hierapolis
8.404. List of commodities
8.405. Honours for Julian by Antonius Tatianos
8.406. i. Honours for Titus Falvius Sallustios Athenagoras; ii. Honours for Valens by Antonius Tatianos
8.407. Verse honours for a governor
8.408. Acclamations for governors
8.409. Sundial
8.410. The city honours Fl. Palmatos, governor

8.501. Altar dedication by Diogenes son of Damonikos
8.502. Sundial fragments
8.503. ?Title for a statue of the Council
8.504. Funerary inscription for Menekles son of Dionysios son of Epainetos
8.505. Gladiator memorial for enis
8.506. Funerary fragment from Portico East of Theatre
8.507. Place inscription of Heortasios
8.508. Fragmentary acclamations

Theatre Baths

8.601. Pavement designs
8.602. Place inscription of Aelianos
8.603. Prayer
8.604. Acclamation
8.605. Place inscription of Alexandros, barber
8.606. Place inscription of Theodoros
8.607. Warning against theft
8.608. i. Verse honours for Doulkitios from Balerianos; ii. Place inscription
8.609. Ampelios, father of the city, undertakes restoration work in the Theatre Baths
8.610. Building inscription of Pytheas, in verse

8.701. Funerary inscription for Eirenion, gladiator
8.702. Fragment fom Theatre Baths
8.703. Fragment from Theatre Baths
8.704. Revetment fragment, honours
8.705. Moulding fragment
8.706. Monumental revetment fragment
8.707. Funerary fragment
8.708. Altar dedication for Hadrian
8.709. Honours for Flavius Carminius Klaudianos
8.710. Revetment panel fragment
8.711. Funerary fragment for Kapitoleinos


8.901. Fragment
8.902. Fragment from Acropolis
8.903. Funerary for Dionysios K
8.904. Funerary for M. Aurelius Adrastos son of Deiomedes
8.905. Panel fragment: funerary
8.906. Acclamation for Theopompos, magnificentissimus, pater civitatis

9. Sebasteion

9.1. Building restoration dedicated to Aphrodite and emperors
9.2. Title for image of people of the Rhaeti
9.3. Title for image of people of the Trumpilini
9.4. Title for image of the Arabs
9.5. Title for image of the Egyptians
9.6. Title for image of Hemera
9.7. Title for image of Ocean
9.8. Title for image of Crete
9.9. Title of image of People of the Bessi
9.10. Title for image of Cyprus
9.11. Title for image of Sicily
9.12. Title for image of People of the Judaeans
9.13. Title for image of Armenia
9.14. Title for images of Armenia and Nero
9.15. Title for images of Rome and Earth
9.16. Title for image of Victory of the Augusti
9.17. Title for image of people of the Callaeci
9.18. Title for image of people of the Pirousti
9.19. Honours for anonymous, high-priest
9.20. Title for image of the people of the Dacians
9.21. Title for image of people of the Bosporoi
9.22. Title for image of People of the Iapodes
9.23. Title for image of People of the Andizetoi
9.24. Title for image of people of the Dardanoi
9.25. Building dedication of Sebasteion portico for Aphrodite, Emperors and Demos
9.26. Honours for Antonia Augusta
9.27. Honours for Lucius Caesar
9.28. Honours for Drusus Caesar
9.29. Honours for Gaius Caesar
9.30. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Drusus
9.31. Honours for Julia, daughter of Drusus
9.32. Honours for Agrippina, daughter of Germanicus
9.33. Honours for Marcus Lepidus
9.34. Honours for Aphrodite ancestress of the Augusti
9.35. Honours for Aeneas
9.36. Honours for Aemilia Lepida
9.37. Honours for Agrippina
9.38. Honours for Germanicus Caesar
9.39. Honours for Julia Augusta as Hera
9.40. Honours for Atia mother of Augustus
9.41. Title for images of Claudius and Britannia
9.42. Title for images of Nero and Helios
9.43. Letter of Valerian and Gallienus

9.101. Funerary fragment
9.102. Funerary fragment
9.103. Funerary fragment
9.104. Funerary fragment
9.105. ? Funerary fragment
9.106. Fragment, perhaps funerary
9.107. Fragment
9.108. Funerary fragment
9.109. Fragment, first/second century, from Sebasteion
9.110. Fragment
9.111. Dedication to a benefactor
9.112. Building dedication to Tiberius and Livia
9.113. Sculptor’s signature: Koblanos
9.114. Fragment of funerary verse
9.115. Gameboard
9.116. Fragment from Sebasteion
9.117. Funerary fragment
9.118. Funerary inscription for Aurelius
9.119. Dedication for Hadrian Soter
9.120. Revetment fragment
9.121. Fragment from Sebasteion
9.122. Epitaph of Kyriakos, priest
9.123. Panel fragment: funerary
9.124. Monogram of Theochares, donor
9.125. Titles on philosopher portraits
9.126. Dedicatory poem

10. Stadium

10.1. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 21
10.2. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 20
10.3. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 19
10.4. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 18
10.5. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 16
10.6. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 15
10.7. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 14
10.8. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 13
10.9. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 12
10.10. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 11
10.11. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 10
10.12. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 9
10.13. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 8
10.14. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 7
10.15. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 6
10.16. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 5
10.17. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 4
10.18. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 2
10.19. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 1
10.20. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 40
10.21. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 37
10.22. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 38
10.23. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 36
10.24. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 34
10.25. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 33
10.26. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 32
10.27. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 30
10.28. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 29
10.29. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 28
10.30. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 27
10.31. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 25
10.32. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 26
10.33. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 23
10.34. Seat inscriptions: Stadium Block 22
10.35. Seat inscriptions: Stadium, loose seat
10.36. Seat inscriptions: Stadium, loose seat, with image of a gladiator
10.37. Seat inscriptions: Stadium, loose seat
10.38. Seat inscriptions: Stadium, loose seat
10.39. Seat inscriptions: Stadium, loose seat
10.40. Seat inscriptions: Stadium, loose seat

10.101. Gladiator memorial for Kaistillos
10.102. Gladiator memorial for Margaretes
10.103. Votive offering to a goddess (Aphrodite)

11. City (within walls)
City, Village

11.1. Funerary inscription for Theseus
11.2. ?Posthumous honours
11.3. Dedication by Dionysios on behalf of Ammia
11.4. Honours for Panphilos Krokion
11.5. Honours for Papulos, contest-president
11.6. Posthumous honours for Papylos son of Iason
11.7. Funerary fragment
11.8. Funerary for Attalos son of Menippos
11.9. Fragment
11.10. Funerary inscription for Alypos
11.11. Funerary inscription for Menandros
11.12. Funerary inscription for Titus Flavius
11.13. Fragment of honours
11.14. Fragmentary honours
11.15. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Diogenes
11.16. Honours for Adrastos
11.17. Honours for Eusebes son of Menandros
11.18. Posthumous honours for M. Quintilius Pedukaios
11.19. Imprecation formula from funerary text
11.20. Fragment , second century, stray find
11.21. List of prizes for a contest
11.22. Posthumous honours for Zenon son of Zenon
11.23. Posthumous honours for nios, who has established a foundation
11.24. Fragment
11.25. Building inscription of Melition son of Pythion
11.26. Fragment of building inscription, found in village
11.27. Funerary formula, II-III cent.
11.28. Funerary formula from house east of Theatre
11.29. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Menandris
11.30. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Kal[ . . .], a veteran
11.31. Funerary inscription for anonymous
11.32. Funerary inscription for Chrezimos son of Hermias
11.33. Funerary inscription for Tib. Cl. Anteros
11.34. Funerary inscription for son of Papias
11.35. Funerary inscription for anonymous
11.36. Funerary inscription
11.37. Funerary fragment
11.38. Funerary inscription for and Aelia Aurelia Neike
11.39. Funerary verse
11.40. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Aroulios
11.41. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Menekrates
11.42. Funerary fragment, re-used in Mosque
11.43. Funerary inscription for Meltinianos
11.44. Funerary inscription
11.45. Funerary fragment
11.46. Funerary fragment naming Statilius Zotikos and Aelius Heliodoros
11.47. Fragment from honours
11.48. Honours for Dionysios son of Mo .
11.49. Honours for Apollonios son of Eidaios
11.50. Honours for Claudia Paulina
11.51. Dedication by Tiberius Claudius Apollonios Aurelianos
11.52. Funerary inscription of Pereitas and Melition
11.53. Monumental fragment
11.54. Funerary inscription for MMM. Aurrr. Peritianos, Eutyches and Herakleios
11.55. List of Jews and godfearers
11.56. Funerary inscription for Tiberius Julius ?
11.57. Honours for anonymous
11.58. Honours for anonymous, boy runner victor at the fifteenth Philemoniea
11.59. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Zenon
11.60. Honours for anonymus, boy boxer
11.61. Sculptor’s signature, Alexandras
11.62. Honours for Cornelia Salonina
11.63. Acclamation for Scholastikios
11.64. Prayer of Damocharis, cursor
11.65. Funerary inscription for anonymous
11.66. Dedication by Flavius Eusebios
11.67. Name
11.68. Verse posthumous honours, apparently , for Asclepiodotus
11.69. Funerary verse, for Asklepiodotos
11.70. Acclamation for Pytheas
11.71. Monogram inscription

City, North-east

11.101. Storage jar: measurement

11.102. Funerary fragment
11.103. Funerary inscription for Tiberius Claudius Diadoumenos
11.104. Honours for an emperor, Augustus Germanicus
11.105. Dedication by Kallikles son of Kallikles via his brother Molossos
11.106. Funerary fragment
11.107. Funerary fragment
11.108. Funerary fragment
11.109. Moulding fragment, II-III cent, from field wall
11.110. Honours for the father of Marcus Aurelius Polychronios, who established a foundation
11.111. Invocation
11.112. Fragment of building inscription

City, Water Channel Area

11.201. Pavement design

11.202. Fragment
11.203. Fragment of an altar dedication
11.204. Monumental fragment
11.205. Sculptor’s signature: Euplous
11.206. Dedication by Antipatros son of Artemidoros
11.207. Heading for a document
11.208. Funerary inscription for a baker
11.209. Fragment from Water Channel
11.210. Relief panel illustrating munera
11.211. Funerary fragment
11.212. Titles for images on the funerary monument of Zoilos
11.213. Fragments, perhaps from honours
11.214. Fragment, from ? honours
11.215. Funerary fragment, from Water Channel area
11.216. Funerary fragment
11.217. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Apolloni?s, chief doctor
11.218. Fragment
11.219. Fragments from ?honours
11.220. Honours for anonymous
11.221. Fragment from Water Channel
11.222. Honours for Andreas, son of Androneikianos, boy runner
11.223. Honours for anonymus, son of Artemidoros, boy boxer
11.224. Honours for anonymous, boy runner
11.225. Prayer of Theodoros, ‘the Bell’

City, South-east

11.301. Statue dedication by Kallikrates
11.302. Building dedication to Demos by Eupolemos son of Artemidoros
11.303. Fragment
11.304. Fragment, first /second century
11.305. List of prizes for contests
11.306. Fragment
11.307. Funerary verse
11.308. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius high-priest
11.309. Fragment of building inscription

City, South-west

11.401. Statue and altar dedication by Titus Flavius Staberianos, doctor
11.402. Funerary fragment; I cent., from stone dump
11.403. Funerary inscription for Zenon
11.404. Honours for Ateimetos Petignas
11.405. Honours for a priest of Athena Polias
11.406. Fragment
11.407. Building dedication to Aphrodite
11.408. Honours for anonymous
11.409. Honours for Chaireas
11.410. Funerary fragment
11.411. Funerary formula fragment
11.412. Letters from Hadrian to the city
11.413. Funerary inscription for Neikopolis and her children
11.414. Honours for Lucius Egnatius Victor Lollianus, proconsul
11.415. Monograms of donors, Mamas and Pakos

City, North-west

11.501. Gladiator memorial for Secundus
11.502. Gladiator memorial for Menandros, bestiarius
11.503. Gladiator memorial for [ . . .]pes, bestiarius
11.504. Fragment
11.505. Funerary fragment
11.506. Funerary fragment
11.507. Gladiator memorial for familia of Zenon Hypsikles
11.508. Posthumous honours for Muon and Peritas
11.509. Funerary fragment
11.510. Funerary fragment
11.511. Funerary fragment
11.512. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Stephanos
11.513. Dedication by M.. Fl. Antonius Lysimachos
11.514. Funerary fragment
11.515. Honours for Rhodopaios, for the third time
11.516. Text at an entrance

City, Unknown

12. Walls
Walls, North

12.1. Voussoir fragment
12.2. Honours for an anonymous contest-president
12.3. Posthumous honours for Nikoteimos Hierax
12.4. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
12.5. Posthumous honours for Ammia daughter of Attalos
12.6. Funerary inscription for anonymous
12.7. Title for images of the Graces
12.8. Building inscription by Claudia
12.9. Place inscription for Hypsikles
12.10. Title for images of Troilos and Achilles
12.11. Title for image of Nero Drusus Augustus Caesar
12.12. Honours probably for Kallikrates son of Molossos
12.13. Gladiator memorial for Patroklos
12.14. Fragment (II cent)
12.15. Gladiator memorial for Xanthos
12.16. Gladiator memorial for [?Margar]eites
12.17. Honours for Publius Aelius Hilarianos from his father
12.18. Honours for anonymous
12.19. a: Funerary inscription and b: consolatory decree
12.20. Honours for Eunostos
12.21. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Ammianos Papias
12.22. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Ammianos Paulinos
12.23. Fragmentary honours
12.24. Fragmentary honours
12.25. Letter from Iulius Celer, quaestor, and petition to the emperor Trajan.
12.26. Testament of Attalos Adrastos
12.27. Honours for C. Julius Longianos, poet
12.28. Posthumous honours for Tiberius Claudius Ktesias, who established a foundation
12.29. Honours for Attalos son of Pytheas and Tatas daughter of Diodoros
12.30. Posthumous honours for Aelius Claudius . . .
12.31. Honours for ?, son of Apollonios, victor in a contest for sculptors at the first celebration of the Lysimachea Tatianea
12.32. Funerary inscription for Diomedes and Neikephoros
12.33. Honours for the proconsul, Sulpicius Priscus
12.34. Letter from a proconsul to Aphrodisias.
12.35. Honours for Antonius Antiochos, boy boxer
12.36. Honours for anonymous, contest-president for life of the Gordianea Attalea

Walls, North-east

12.101. i. Honours for Flavius Constantius, governor, for building the wall; ii. Flavius Ampelios restores the gate

12.102. Fragment from a letter
12.103. Honours for a citizen (late Republic)
12.104. Posthumous honours for Theodotos son of Andronikos
12.105. Posthumous honours for C. Julius Potitian?s and for Antonia Flaviane
12.106. Funerary fragment from NE Walls
12.107. Funerary inscription for M. Aur. Zenon
12.108. Dedication for Emperors and Caesars
12.109. Invocation for Konstantios

Walls, East (north part)

12.201. Decree of honours for Pereitas
12.202. Honours for Adrastos son of Adrastos, sacred victor
12.203. Posthumous honours for Attinas son of Theodoros
12.204. Dedication of statues by Artemidoros Pedisas
12.205. Consolatory decree for Tatia Attalis
12.206. Decree of honours for Attinas Meliton
12.207. Consolatory decree, on death of Titus Antonius Lysimachos Grypos
12.208. Gameboard
12.209. Building inscription
12.210. Funerary fragment
12.211. Funerary inscription for Naikos
12.212. Funerary inscription for Gaius
12.213. Funerary text for Tiberius Claudius M
12.214. Honours for T. Aelius Aurelius Menandros
12.215. Honours for M. Aurelius os, long-distance runner

Walls, East (south part)

12.301. Honours for Sextus Appuleius
12.302. Building inscription, late Hellenistic
12.303. Funerary fragment
12.304. Building dedication to Zeus
12.305. Dedication by M. Iulius Attalos, imperial freedman, to Aphrodite, the imperial house, and the Senate and People of Rome.
12.306. Funerary honours for Hermias Glykon, his wife Apphia, and their daughter Apphia
12.307. Posthumous honours for Dionysios son of Artemidoros
12.308. Posthumous honours for Adrastos son of Nikotimos
12.309. Consolatory decree, on death of Apphia daughter of Timotheos
12.310. List of names or graffiti
12.311. Funerary inscription and honours for Attalos son of Attalos
12.312. Posthumous honours for Attalos son of Makedon
12.313. Funerary inscription for Liburnos son of Diotrephes
12.314. Building dedication under Domitian.
12.315. Gameboard
12.316. Fragmentary honours
12.317. Honours for Lucius Antonius Zosas, who has established a foundation
12.318. Building inscription: restoration of building by ?Eusebes
12.319. Decree of honours for Praxiteles son of Aristeas
12.320. Funerary text for ?Soteira
12.321. Funerary inscription for Theseus
12.322. Funerary inscription for Neikomachos and others
12.323. Honours for Claudia Antonia Tatiane
12.324. Honours for T. Cl. Kapitoleinos
12.325. Posthumous honours for M. Fl. Antonius Lysimachos
12.326. Honours for emperor Caracalla
12.327. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Demetrios
12.328. Warning against throwing earth

Walls, South-east Gate

12.401. Invocations

12.402. Restoration of the honours for his ancestor by Kallikrates
12.403. Funerary honours by Artemeis for her brother Bacchios
12.404. Building dedications, by Antipatros and by Dionysios, to Demos
12.405. Building dedication to Demos
12.406. Building dedication to Demos
12.407. Building dedication to Demos
12.408. Building dedication to Demos
12.409. Funerary inscription for Flavia Apphia
12.410. Honours for Mithridates son of Athenagoras
12.411. Funerary inscription for T. Aelius Epaphrodeitos
12.412. Funerary inscription for Gnaeus Pollius Zenon
12.413. Honours for anonymous, having held every office in the city
12.414. Funerary inscription for Hermas son of Nardos
12.415. Monumental fragment of building dedication
12.416. Honours for Dometeinos Diogenes
12.417. Honours for Apollonios the high-priest

Walls, South-east

12.501. Fragment
12.502. Funerary honours for Epainetos
12.503. Building dedication to Demos
12.504. Building dedication to Demos
12.505. Building dedication to Demos
12.506. Building dedication to Demos
12.507. Funerary inscription for Genethlios
12.508. Funerary inscription for Apollonios
12.509. Funerary inscription for anonymi
12.510. Prohibition
12.511. Fragmentary honours
12.512. Honours for Teimokles
12.513. Honours for Diogeneia
12.514. Honours for Emperor Tiberius
12.515. Statue dedication for emperor Claudius
12.516. Place inscription of Philotheos
12.517. Funerary inscription for Kallikrates
12.518. Posthumous honours for Claudia Tryphosa Paulina
12.519. Honours for Myon Menandros
12.520. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Attalos
12.521. Honours for Zenas descendent of Apollonios
12.522. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Messouleios Chrysaor.
12.523. Funerary inscription for Aelia Pauleina
12.524. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Eumachos Apellas
12.525. Funerary inscription for Zenon son of Zenon … son of Kallias
12.526. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Hermes and family, establishing a foundation
12.527. Funerary inscription for Zoilos son of Apollonios
12.528. Honours for Molossos, a child
12.529. Fragmentary honours for ?Chaireas
12.530. Honours for Diogenes and Attalos
12.531. Honours for Aurelia Messouleia Satorneila
12.532. Honours for Aurelia Flavia Messouleia
12.533. Honours for Aelia Laevilla
12.534. Honours for M. Aurelius Ariston; establishment of a foundation by Aurelia Ammia
12.535. Honours for Publius Aelius Hilarianos from his mother
12.536. Honours for C. Julius Philippos,
12.537. Posthumous honours for anonymous, son of Tryphon
12.538. Letter of M. Ulpius Appuleius Eurykles to the Aphrodisians
12.539. Honours for M. Aur. Cl. Ktesias
12.540. Dedicator’s prayer
12.541. Cross-monograms

Walls, South (east part)

12.601. Fragment (Hellenistic)
12.602. Funerary honours for Geis and Heraios
12.603. Fragmentary honours (I cent)
12.604. Funerary fragment (I-II cent)
12.605. Fragment from a decree
12.606. Fragment from south walls
12.607. Fragment from Walls
12.608. Funerary fragment
12.609. Posthumous honours for Apphia daughter of Theodoros
12.610. Funerary for son of Menodotos son of Neikoteimos
12.611. Funerary inscription for Flavius
12.612. Decree of honours for Dionysios son of Papylos
12.613. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Hierokles
12.614. Honours for Titus Caesar
12.615. Gladiator memorial for Skirtos
12.616. Fragment (II cent)
12.617. Fragment (II cent)
12.618. Fragment, second to third century, from South Wall
12.619. Fragment, second century, from SW Walls
12.620. Fragment of base capital, second/third century
12.621. Gladiator memorial for Fortis
12.622. Gladiator memorial for Aniketos
12.623. Honours for M. Valerius Epaphrodeitos, singer to the kithara
12.624. Fragment from South Walls
12.625. Fragment from walls
12.626. Honours for anonymous
12.627. Fragment of honours
12.628. Fragment from Walls
12.629. Funerary relief for anonymous, emporiarch
12.630. Funerary inscription for Eutychos
12.631. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Papiane and family
12.632. Funerary fragment
12.633. Fragment
12.634. Funerary text for Aurelii Zenon and Hypsikles
12.635. List of names
12.636. Opening line of honours formula
12.637. Funerary inscription for Metrodoros from Zosimos
12.638. Dedication to Hypnos by high-priest and priest of Asklepios
12.639. Honours for Marcus Aurelius […]nus son of Artemon
12.640. Funerary inscription for daughter of neikos and wife of Klaud
12.641. Honours for Caracalla
12.642. Statue dedication to empress Julia Domna
12.643. Honours for a son of Gallienus
12.644. Honours for M. Aurelius Diogenes
12.645. Honours for M. Aurelius Diogenes
12.646. Honours for Sallustius family

Walls, South (west part)

12.701. Honours for an anonymous benefactor
12.702. Funerary inscription for Hermolaos
12.703. Dedication of trapeza by Kallikrates son of Molossos
12.704. Consolatory decree for three brothers
12.705. Honours for anonymous
12.706. Honours for Aristokles Molossos
12.707. Honours for Tryphe
12.708. Honours for M. Antonius Zenon Ulpianos
12.709. Fragment, second century, from SW Walls
12.710. Fragmentary honours, second/third century
12.711. Funerary honours for anonymous, pancratiast
12.712. Dedication by Euphron son of Archimedes
12.713. Funerary fragment from wall excavation
12.714. Funerary inscription for MMM. Aur. Cl. Kastor, Papylos and Dionysios
12.715. Fragmentary honours
12.716. Honours for Kallimorphos, flautist
12.717. Fragmentary honours, third century, from SW Walls
12.718. Place inscriptions of Leon and Philippos
12.719. Decree of honours for Kallikrates son of Diogenes,pancratiast

Walls, South-west

12.801. Funerary inscription for Aba
12.802. Honours for female stephanephorus
12.803. Decree of honours for Aristokles Molossos
12.804. Honours for anonymous
12.805. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Agathopous
12.806. Funerary inscription
12.807. Honours for Marcus Antonius Popillios Agelaos

Walls, West

12.901. Fragmentary honours
12.902. Statue dedication to the Emperor
12.903. Building inscription of Artemidoros Muon
12.904. Senatus Consultum de Aphrodisiensibus or Lex de Aphrodisiensibus
12.905. Honours for Artemon
12.906. Funerary fragment
12.907. Fragmentary honours
12.908. Funerary inscription for Achilleus
12.909. Funerary inscription for Julius Aurelius Charidemos Ioulianos
12.910. Fragmentary honours
12.911. Letter from a proconsul to Aphrodisias
12.912. Honours for Marcus Aurelius Gaitulikos
12.913. Fragment from Walls
12.914. Building inscription by Aphrodite
12.915. Building inscription by Zenon
12.916. Funerary inscription for descendant of Demetrios
12.917. Funerary inscription for Dionysios and Aurelia Tatia
12.918. Funerary inscription for anonymous
12.919. Honours for Hypsikleia Apphia (relative of) Nikotimos
12.920. Honours for Aelius Aurelius Menandros
12.921. Report by a curator rei publicae concerning funds for contests
12.922. Statue dedication for the People of Aphrodisias
12.923. Honours for M. Aurelius ?Statonos, also called Argyrios
12.924. Honours for the People of Keretapa
12.925. Honours for the People of Hierapolis
12.926. Honours for the People of Kibyra
12.927. Honours for the People of Apollonia Salbake
12.928. Honours for the People of Heraklea Salbake
12.929. Honours for the People of Tabae
12.930. Honours for the People of
12.931. Honours for Aurelius Gaius, centurio frumentarius
12.932. Honours for a centurio frumentarius

Walls, West Gate

12.1001. Dedication to Constantius II and a Caesar by Fl. Quint. Eros Monaxios

12.1002. Honours for Molossos, Ammia and Phanias
12.1003. Funerary inscription for Kallimorphos
12.1004. Funerary inscription for Athiktos
12.1005. Funerary fragment
12.1006. Posthumous honours for Iason son of Menodotos
12.1007. Testament of Attalos Adrastos
12.1008. Public honours for anonymous
12.1009. Imprecation formula from funerary text
12.1010. Fragment, second century, from Temple
12.1011. Honours for Zenon son of Menippos
12.1012. Fragment, II-III cent, from west gate
12.1013. Funerary fragment
12.1014. Building inscription, by a man and wife
12.1015. Funerary copy of a consolatory decree
12.1016. Funerary inscription for Publius Aelius Aurelius
12.1017. Funerary inscription for Heraklides, Alexandros, and Apollonios, sons of Zenon
12.1018. Honours for M. Fl. Karminios Athenagoras Livianos
12.1019. Posthumous honours for Tiberius Cl(audius) Antonius [Am]mianos
12.1020. Honours for Ulpia Carminia Claudiana

Walls, North-west

12.1101. Funerary inscription for Philoxenos Panther
12.1102. Honours for Sokrates son of Theophrastos
12.1103. Fragmentary honours for anonymous
12.1104. Decree of honours for anonymous
12.1105. Funerary inscription for Aelius Claudius Philetas
12.1106. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Molossos
12.1107. Funerary inscription for Tiberius Julius Glykon
12.1108. Funerary inscription for Claudius Tatianos
12.1109. Funerary inscription for Chares son of Zenon
12.1110. Funerary fragment
12.1111. Honours for M. Ulpius Carminius Klaudianos
12.1112. Funerary inscription for Ulpius Claudius Chariton
12.1113. Funerary inscription for Adrastos son of Alexandros

Walls, Unknown

12.1201. Fragment from a sculptor’s signature, of Apollonios
12.1202. Honours for Menekrates
12.1203. Building inscription fragment
12.1204. Funerary inscription for anonymous
12.1205. Funerary inscription for Hermogenes son of Menodoros
12.1206. Fragment from honours
12.1207. Fragment from dedication.
12.1208. Honours for anonymous
12.1209. Funerary inscription for ?Tib. Cl. Philo
12.1210. Honours for Aelia Julia Apphia
12.1211. Gladiator memorial for familia of M. Antonius Apellas Severinos

13. Necropolis
Necropolis, North

13.1. Funerary fragment
13.2. Funerary inscription for anonymous and his wife Ulpia Ammia
13.3. Funerary text for Antiochos and Antonia
13.4. Funerary fragment
13.5. Posthumous honours for Demetrios son of Pyrrhos Papias
13.6. Posthumous honours for Pyrrhos son of Pyrrhos
13.7. Posthumous honours for Pyrrhos Papias son of Zenon

13.8. Fragment
13.9. Imprecation formula from funerary text
13.10. Fragment, funerary
13.11. Imprecation formula from funerary text

Necropolis, North-east

13.101. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Tate, also called Epithymia
13.102. Funerary inscription for Zenon and family
13.103. Funerary fragment
13.104. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Meltine
13.105. Funerary honours for Peritas Kallimedes and his wife Tatia
13.106. Funerary inscription for Dionysios descendant of Diogenianos
13.107. Jewish graffiti in a bath-building
13.108. Funerary inscription for Aurelia Zotike and her father
13.109. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Alexandros and Aurelia Tatia
13.110. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Apollonios and his son
13.111. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Zotikos son of Dionysios
13.112. Funerary inscription for M. Aur. Polychronios Charmides
13.113. Epitaph of Theopropios, bishop
13.114. Epitaph of Theopropios, bishop

13.115. Funerary fragment
13.116. Restoration, by Kallikrates of the dedication made by his ancestors
13.117. Honours for anonymous
13.118. Monumental revetment fragment
13.119. Votive dedication by children of Hermias
13.120. Funerary inscription for Artemidoros son of Artemidoros
13.121. Funerary inscription for ? and Antonia Kalliniane
13.122. Fragment (of honours) from city walls
13.123. Gladiator memorial, for Unio
13.124. Opening of a decree by the city and by the sacred victors
13.125. Funerary verse for Eupeithios
13.126. Funerary fragment
13.127. Funerary fragment
13.128. Funerary fragment
13.129. Funerary fragment from Turkish Cemetery
13.130. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Statilius Apollonios
13.131. Funerary fragment
13.132. Funerary fragment
13.133. Funerary fragment
13.134. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Apollonios
13.135. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Hermogenes
13.136. Funerary fragment
13.137. Funerary inscription of M. Aur. Menandros
13.138. Funerary fragment
13.139. Funerary fragment
13.140. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Antonius Demosthenes
13.141. Fragment
13.142. Funerary inscription for M. Aur. Tatianos
13.143. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Ioulianos
13.144. Funerary fragment
13.145. Funerary formula
13.146. Honours for L. Cl. Iberinos Eudaimon
13.147. Sarcophagus of […] and his wife […] daughter of Menandros
13.148. Funerary inscription for anonymous
13.149. Funerary formula from sarcophagus
13.150. Funerary inscription for Polydeukes Kamisenos son of Salvios
13.151. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Menandros and his wife’s family
13.152. Honours for Zenon son of Zenon, boy runner Victor at the ninth Philemoniea
13.153. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius
13.154. Funerary inscription for Menippos
13.155. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Papias
13.156. Funerary inscription for Antonius Antiochos and Antonia Eiphianassa
13.157. Fragment of funerary verse
13.158. Epitaph of Theodoros, ceromatitites

Necropolis, North-east, Ata Eymir

13.201. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Epinikos and Aurelia Zenonis and family

13.202. Funerary stele for Amyntas and family
13.203. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Athenagoras
13.204. Funerary inscription for Attalos
13.205. Honours for [Julius] Aurelius Charidemos
13.206. Funerary inscription for Epandios and his family

Necropolis, South-east

13.301. Funerary honours for Neaira and Metrodoros
13.302. Funerary honours for Kallippos, Athenagoras and

13.303. Funerary inscription for Ti. Claudius Achilleus
13.304. Gladiator memorial for Podenemos
13.305. Funerary fragment
13.306. Funerary fragment
13.307. Funerary fragment
13.308. Funerary fragment
13.309. Epitaph of Philosophia

Necropolis, South

13.401. Honours, perhaps funerary, for Julianos and Flavia Apphia Iuliane
13.402. Dedication of a foundation by Titus Aelius ]dianos
13.403. Funerary inscription for Publia Calvisia Peritiane
13.404. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius
13.405. Funerary inscription
13.406. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Glykon and Alexandros

Necropolis, South-west

13.501. Funerary verse for Zenon son of Artemidoros
13.502. Funerary inscriptions for Tatis and Herodotos (mother and child)
13.503. Building dedication to Demos
13.504. Funerary fragment
13.505. Funerary fragment
13.506. Epitaphs of anonymous, tabernarius, and of Euarestos
13.507. Funerary verse for a girl, Thea[ . . .
13.508. Heliodoros, builder or donor

Necropolis, West

13.601. Funerary fragment
13.602. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Zenon
13.603. Funerary inscription for Marcus Aurelius Attikos
13.604. Funerary inscription for Aemilius Aristeas

13.605. Funerary inscription for okles son of Diogenes
13.606. Funerary fragment; reused, undated
13.607. Funerary fragment from nr. West Gate
13.608. Funerary fragment
13.609. Edict of Silius Italicus, proconsul
13.610. Funerary fragment
13.611. Fragment from outside walls
13.612. Funerary inscription for Lucia Antoniane
13.613. Funerary inscription for descendant of Typhon son of Hypsikles
13.614. Funerary for descendant of Diogenes
13.615. Funerary inscription for Pauleinos and Dion[ysios]
13.616. Honours for anonymous, wrestler
13.617. Votive offering to an unnamed God
13.618. Funerary inscription of Aurelia Tertulla

Necropolis, Unknown

13.701. Posthumous honours for Epicharmos son of Chrysaor
13.702. Funerary inscription, partly in verse, for Aurelius Zenon

14. Neighbouring settlements

14.1. Building inscription fragment, undated.


14.2. Funerary inscription for Hermolaos
14.3. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Attalos Bonbei


14.4. Funerary inscription for Aimilia Meltine wife of Alexandros
14.5. Gladiator memorial
14.6. Funerary inscription of Peritas, on base or altar;
14.7. Funerary inscription for Adrastos and Rhodine
14.8. Gladiator memorial for Euplous
14.9. Gladiator memorial of Eupithanos
14.10. Gladiator memorial for Kalandion
14.11. Funerary formula for Valeria Claudia Aurelia Kaste
14.12. Honours for the people of Aphrodisias
14.13. Honours for Tiberius Claudius Capitolinus
14.14. Epitaph of bishop of Stratonicaea


14.15. Funerary inscription for son of Chrestos


14.16. Funerary verse for Stephanos


14.17. Funerary fragment dated by Attalos Adrastos
14.18. Honours for ? T. Cl. Aur. Zelos


14.19. Funerary inscription for Tatia

15. Stray
Old Museum

15.1. Funerary inscription of Alk[ . . .]
15.2. Fragmentary honours
15.3. Fragment
15.4. Fragment
15.5. Funerary inscription of Aurelia Dionysia
15.6. Funerary fragment
15.7. Funerary fragment or honours
15.8. Funerary fragment
15.9. Fragment
15.10. Honours
15.11. Fragmentary honours
15.12. Fragment
15.13. Fragment
15.14. Fragmentary honours
15.15. Funerary fragment
15.16. Fragmentary honours
15.17. Fragmentary honours
15.18. Funerary fragment


15.101. Votive to Hekate Euantetos
15.102. Invocation
15.103. Monumental fragment


15.201. Sewer cover warning against filth
15.202. Dedication of images of Erotes
15.203. Dedication or funerary inscription for Zenonis
15.204. Fragment
15.205. Fragment
15.206. Fragment
15.207. Funerary for anonymous and his family
15.208. Funerary inscription of Arogos Philemon
15.209. Funerary fragment
15.210. Fragment
15.211. Building inscription fragment, I B.C./I A.D.
15.212. Building inscription fragment, I B.C./I A.D.
15.213. Funerary fragment; sarcophagus lid; re-used
15.214. Honours for Papias
15.215. Fragment
15.216. Fragment, Hellenistic
15.217. Votive offering to Kore by Alexandros
15.218. Circular fragment, stray
15.219. Fragment from honours (or funerary) for Attalos
15.220. Fragment
15.221. Place inscription
15.222. Fragment from a funerary document
15.223. Fragment of relief
15.224. Fragment
15.225. Gladiator memorial
15.226. Relief panel illustrating munera
15.227. Relief panel illustrating munera
15.228. Relief panel illustrating munera
15.229. Fragment
15.230. Fragment
15.231. Fragment
15.232. Sculpture fragment
15.233. Fragment
15.234. Fragment, Byzantine
15.235. Relief, funerary fragment
15.236. ?Honours for anonymous
15.237. Fragment, stray
15.238. Fragment, stray
15.239. Fragment, undated, stray find
15.240. Votive offering to Asklepios
15.241. Funerary fragment, I-II cent.
15.242. Funerary fragment
15.243. Fragment
15.244. Funerary inscription for Heraklide, Thyodora, and Meltine
15.245. Funerary inscription for Adrastos Polychronios
15.246. Funerary inscription for anonymous
15.247. Funerary fragment
15.248. Funerary inscription for Apollonios
15.249. Funerary monument for Apollonios
15.250. Funerary fragment
15.251. Funerary fragment
15.252. Funerary fragment
15.253. Funerary fragment
15.254. Fragments
15.255. Fragment
15.256. Fragment from honours
15.257. Fragmentary honours
15.258. Honours for anonymous
15.259. Fragment
15.260. Honours for Attalis Apphion
15.261. Posthumous honours for Diogenes son of Menandros
15.262. Posthumous honours for Titus Flavius Apollinarios
15.263. Honours for Menogenes Glykon
15.264. Panel fragment
15.265. Fragmentary honours
15.266. Honours or dedication
15.267. Gladiator memorial
15.268. Funerary fragment
15.269. Honours for Calpurnius Pauleinos and Flavia Pythodoris
15.270. Funerary fragment
15.271. Funerary fragment
15.272. Honours for
15.273. Stele fragment
15.274. Fragment of dedication by Myre and . . .
15.275. Fragment
15.276. Fragment
15.277. Fragment
15.278. List of names
15.279. Gladiator memorial for Narkissos
15.280. Gladiator memorial for Pheropes
15.281. List of prizes for the Attalea
15.282. Fragmentary honours for a victor
15.283. Fragment, stray, II-III cent.
15.284. Fragment
15.285. Fragment
15.286. Fragment of consolatory text
15.287. Fragment of honours
15.288. Honours for anonymous
15.289. Fragment from ?honours
15.290. Fragment
15.291. Fragment of honours
15.292. Funerary fragment
15.293. Funerary fragment
15.294. Fragment, unprovenanced, II-III cent.
15.295. Funerary fragment
15.296. Funerary fragment
15.297. Funerary fragment of Marcus Aurelius A
15.298. Funerary formula
15.299. Funerary fragment, II-III cent.
15.300. Funerary fragment, stray and undated
15.301. Funerary fragment; stray and undated
15.302. Funerary fragment, II-III cent.
15.303. Funerary for ?son of Aurelius
15.304. Funerary formula fragment, II-III cent.
15.305. Funerary verse
15.306. Funerary fragment, II-III cent.
15.307. Funerary fragment; stray, undated
15.308. Sarcophagus fragment
15.309. Funerary fragment, stray and undated
15.310. Fragment of funerary curse
15.311. Funerary fragment; stray and undated
15.312. Funerary fragment
15.313. Funerary inscription for M. Aurelius Zenon
15.314. Funerary text from a sarcophagus
15.315. Funerary fragment
15.316. Funerary fragment
15.317. Funerary inscription for Dionysios
15.318. Funerary fragment
15.319. Honours for Tib. Cl. [Apollonios] Aurelianos
15.320. Honours for anonymous
15.321. Posthumous honours for M. Aur. Attalos
15.322. Honours for anonymous
15.323. Fragment
15.324. Fragmentary honours
15.325. Fragmentary honours
15.326. Fragment
15.327. Second decree of the synod of athletes in honour of Kallikrates
15.328. Funerary fragment for and wife
15.329. Honours for Aurelia [Phron]tiniane
15.330. Letter of a curator, ?M. Ulpius Appuleius Eurykles, to the Aphrodisians
15.331. Funerary fragment
15.332. Honours for anonymous
15.333. Honours for Aurelia Ammia Myrton
15.334. Epitaph of Bitos, also called Asterios, cursor of the phylae
15.335. Funerary fragment
15.336. Revetment fragments
15.337. Fragment of funerary formula, stray find, undated.
15.338. Funerary fragment; stray, undated
15.339. Funerary fragment with relief; stray, undated
15.340. Funerary inscription for Marcus Carminius Jason and Statilia Diogenia
15.341. Funerary inscription for [Marcus Aurelius] Sophronios, son of Artemidoros
15.342. Funerary inscription for Aurelius Neikois
15.343. Funerary fragment
15.344. Funerary fragment
15.345. Epitaph of M. Aur. Leontius Auchenios and M. Aur. Papaios Polychronios
15.346. Funerary text
15.347. Funerary verse for Claudia
15.348. Fragment of funerary verse
15.349. Epitaph of Zoetos
15.350. Tomb of Chrestianos
15.351. Anonymous, magnificentissimus, gives a gameboard
15.352. Dedication from a church (building inscription)
15.353. Invocation
15.354. Funerary verse for Makedonios
15.355. Epitaph of Charito
15.356. Epitaph of Ioannes and others
15.357. Epitaph of Eutychia
15.358. Funerary inscription for Epiphanios, bull-rearer
15.359. Donor prayer from a church
15.360. The Carians honour Palmatos, in verse
15.361. Funerary verse for Pytheas
15.362. Funerary verse for Euphemia
15.363. Theophylaktos, imperial judge, witnesses a document
15.364. Honours for anonymus, son of Menandros, boy pankratiast



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